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Providing better service, identifying issues with process or achieving a reduction in failures is key for organisations to be successful and deliver improved outcomes.

With over 20 years of continuous development and expertise, our iCasework cloud software has been empowering organisations to achieve their goals and helping to improve case management. It combines the knowledge and skills of experts in case management and software design to help customers meet today’s challenges, understand the issues and improve service. 

Key features:

Information capture – centralise your case records in the cloud with software that facilitates capture from all communication channels, including phone, email, web and social media

Case management – putting all your cases in one place means it’s easier to manage the caseload and collaborate across your team, define next actions, escalate where appropriate and keep to timelines determined by compliance requirements

Communication management – improve the efficiency of case-related correspondence by automating and integrating communication across all channels, embedding accuracy and consistency to improve your case management

Management information – improve the quality of the services with statistical analysis of case management data combined with automated reports which provide vital business intelligence.

iCasework for Complaints Management

iCasework for Complaints Management is designed for consistently and effectively capturing, managing and learning from customer complaints, feedback and enquiries across the entire organisation.

Key features:

  • Regulatory compliance – meets compliance requirements or voluntary codes of practice for complaint handling
  • Capture cases – empowers customer engagement by offering multiple case creation channels
  • Manage cases – enables case handlers to work collaboratively, efficiently and effectively by processing cases through a simple-to-use interface
  • Correspondence management and automation – improves case handlers efficiency by enabling them to focus on more important every day tasks
  • Learning and improvement – your organisation obtains all the knowledge and reporting it needs to meet regulatory requirements and raise standards
  • Analysis and reporting – enables you to identify areas most likely to cause dissatisfaction with automated delivery of library and custom reports
  • Easy to configure – Wizard-based configuration enables to define service structure, control access, update drop-down list values and more
  • Rapid implementation – a template system provides a blueprint of the solution for your sector, accelerating the implementation process.
iCasework for Data Protection Management

iCasework for Data Protection Management has been designed specifically to manage and report on cases where customers exercise a right under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), as well as supporting the management, analysis and notification of security breaches.

The solution provides workflows to manage individual rights including the right of access, rectification, erasure, restrict processing, data portability, object and security breaches.

Key features:

  • Case management – everything you need to manage and control your organisation’s data protection, enabling case handlers to work collaboratively, efficiently and effectively
  • Identity verification – seamless integration of customer identity processes into case management workflows, supporting multiple means of verification
  • Secure data delivery – built-in data delivery processes allow customers to securely access password-protected content while avoiding the risk of data transfer outside the system
  • Analysis & reporting – ability to identify areas most likely to cause dissatisfaction with automated delivery of library and custom reports and real-time keyword alerts.

Why choose Civica iCasework?

  • Easily access and collaborate on case records centralised in the cloud
  • Improve communication with customers by facilitating multi-channel case capture
  • Increase efficiency with comprehensive, automated analysis and reporting

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