Sectors we serve

Civica software and services help organisations around the world achieve better outcomes for people and communities.

2.5 million professionals use our applications globally to streamline service delivery, support vital services for 90 million people, and administer £150 billion of funds.

Our solutions embrace innovative approaches to new ways of working, making the most of cloud technology to keep teams agile and productive. In the last year, dealing with the challenges of COVID-19, this has never been more important.

We believe your communities deserve the best possible experience at every contact and design our solutions to meet their needs.

And by putting your organisation’s challenges at the heart of our thinking, we deliver solutions that are relevant, easy to use and cost-effective.

We currently support:

  • 900 local authorities
  • 40 Government departments and agencies
  • 500 health and social care providers
  • 400 social housing organisations
  • 130 police and fire services
  • 7,500 schools and colleges