Governance, Risk & Compliance

Make essential processes run smoothly and correctly

Efficiency and transparency for society and business

Good governance that complies with strict regulations is a must for public sector organisations and the service sector. Civica’s solutions are the foundation for many of the essential processes that underpin society and business.

Our solutions can:

  • Automate, manage, and report any case type, from complex legal cases to complaints
  • Make democracy happen – by delivering voting results that everyone can trust
  • Support each step of the democratic process, from electoral registration and management to election services and supplies
  • Streamline essential conflicts of interest declarations
  • Manage governance in a way that’s simple, secure and paperless
  • Help you deliver nutritious, allergen aware and planet-smart food to organisations

Machine learning reloaded

In volume 3, we reload machine learning to help crack the matrix and deliver more value for public services

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Machine learning reloaded