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Why is cloud financial management software highly valued by public sector organisations?

Our financial management solutions are highly valued by public sector organisations. Civica Financials, our cloud-based financials software, manages £22bn of funds annually for public sector organisations. 

With unparalleled integration, reliable data, and automated processes, our software saves time and money to efficiently manage your organisation's finances.

Centralising finances helps in managing your organisation's finances efficiently. Cloud-based financial management software can grow with your organisation, making reporting across departments simple. Our software provides a wide range of self-service capabilities to save your team's time by automating processes and eliminating duplication of effort.

Our financial management software offers secure processes that empower your finance team to move from transactional interactions to higher-value analysis and financial management. Critical data is displayed to your users in a range of intuitive, customisable, and easy-to-digest interfaces, turning self-service into self-management.

Collecting data from various sources allows you to identify issues and trends that enable you to prioritise work, reduce administration, and improve financial planning and management.



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Why choose Civica Financials for your financial management system

Improves flexibility and efficiency for teams working from a variety of locations

Drives digital transformation and increases efficiencies through streamlining processes and a responsive user experience

Provides agility and flexibility for the public sector to respond to future changes.

Improved experience

Designed for public sector finance teams with user experience as a priority.

  • Take self-service to the next level using our range of facilities to ensure non-technical staff can easily interact with Civica Financials with negligible training. You remain in control of data quality
  • Customise your own workflows to create the best possible configuration for your organisation
  • Cloud based financial management delivers real-time access to your data, from any device.

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Increased accuracy

Civica Financials gives you peace of mind with financial and operational data

  • Powerful and versatile integration ensures shared data integrity with both Civica and 3rd party software. Your team can manage finances using “one version of the truth”
  • Eliminate double keying, drastically reducing the margin for error
  • Streamline organisational processes and minimise risk using our high levels of automation.

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Faster, more useful reporting

Providing comprehensive reports to all stakeholders is quick and easy.

With Civica Financials you can:

  • Create and regularly schedule bespoke management reports on any data in the system
  • Customise user focussed dashboards with full drill-down capabilities enabling your users to self-manage and action issues with up to the minute, easily digestible information.
  • Make better decisions informed by real intelligence.

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Cloud security and compliance
  • Cloud software securely managed in the UK
  • Accessible from any location on a connected device
  • Designed to work well with either centralised or individual finance teams
  • Making Tax Digital compliant
  • GDPR compliant
  • Data validation based on configurable user security
  • Fully auditable.

Managing over

of funds per year


public sector employees to deliver value for money for their citizens

Streamlining service delivery to

UK citizens

Wychavon District Council moves its finances to the cloud

Learn how we supported the council to improve resilience by moving to Civica’s cloud solution

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Is cloud tech now essential for public sector finance management?

Civica’s Andy Smith explains why cloud technology is needed for public sector finance management.

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Mark Barrett,

Senior Accountant,

Rochdale Borough Council

It gives me peace of mind knowing that Civica Financials – one of our core back-office systems – is managed and supported end to end by a global software provider like Civica.

Some of our financial customers and partners include:

Financial management software FAQs

What is financial management software?

Financial management software or FMIS delivers all the key functions local government finance teams need including general ledger, budgeting, debtors, cash and asset management, procurement (P2P) and creditors. The value of the financial data is unlocked through powerful reporting, dynamic business intelligence dashboards and agile enquiry facilities.

How does financial management software help local government?

Civica Financials supports local authorities' drive towards digital transformation and the need to minimise capital expenditure. Our cloud software saves time and money to efficiently manage your organisation’s finances.

What are the key features of Civica Financials?

Civica Financials, our cloud finance software is securely managed in the UK and enables finance teams to work flexibly from any location. Powerful integration ensures shared data integrity with both Civica and third-party software. Helping your team streamline processes through automation and achieve a centralised source of all data for better financial planning and management.

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