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The housing management software that delivers better insight for your employees and better service for your customers

Cx is the only housing management solution created to meet the challenges of the modern social housing provider. It focuses on customer experience - connecting your customer and property data to create a single version of the truth so you can easily manage your customers' differing needs.

Cx is a single platform that allows you to work from home or out in the community. It’s in the cloud so you can access data from any location to manage customers, properties and contractors in one solution. And it integrates seamlessly with Office 365 and SharePoint to help you get more done every day.

It simplifies customer communications across multiple channels making customer communications easy. You can make sure it meets their preferred choice of communication using the combined CRM and communication module.

The built-in portal allows customers to access services at a time convenient to them. And our mobile solution helps your teams work at any location, online and offline, using any device.

Cx Housing Management software is designed to meet all housing providers’ needs. From CRM to BI reporting to eForms — everything’s included, so you don’t need to engage with any third parties.

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Why choose Cx Housing Management?



Nationwide: Supports 5.3m social housing customers


Secure cloud:  Access the platform on any device, at any location


Paper-free: Automates all customer communications





Simplify data:Connects your resident and property data in a single place


Single view:Puts information at your fingertips and is easy to navigate for rapid access.


Data capture:integrated eForms to capture information, signatures and images.

Civica Cx - the digital platform for social housing

Teign Housing

We can now move away from a lot of time consuming manual processes and will reduce our staff processing time by around 40%. We have also eradicated the need for spreadsheets as all of our workflows have been put into Cx, which in term will reduce the level of risk and errors associated with manual processing.

Taking resident complaints seriously

New Housing Ombudsman complaint volumes show how vital it is to meet resident’s expectations quickly says Civica’s Helen Rogers

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Greener homes. Connected communities.

Civica Changing Landscape for Social Housing report.

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