Logistics & Infrastructure

Manage fixed and mobile assets and infrastructure with maximum efficiency

Digital solutions for physical assets

Cloud-based solutions are transforming the way that public service organisations manage vehicles, buildings and other real-world assets. Civica solutions offer smarter ways to maximise the use and value of your assets, improving the experience for your employees and customers. 

Our solutions can:

  • Provide cloud-enabled fleet management solutions to improve efficiency, control costs and ensure driver and vehicle compliance
  • Automate and track the management of planned maintenance to save admin time, improve safety and reduce compliance risks
  • Look after building safety, risk and maintenance, either onsite or remotely, with cloud-based asset management
  • Manage school estates and assets across and share resources across sites
  • Process inbound and outbound mail with a digital solution that saves money and paper, and improves efficiency

Machine learning reloaded

In volume 3, we reload machine learning to help crack the matrix and deliver more value for public services

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Machine learning reloaded