Financial Management & Payments

Streamline and improve how your finances are managed

Make the most of your money

Strong financial management is at the heart of public service excellence. From procurement to pensions, Civica solutions help your organisation to pay, get paid and manage its finances with maximum efficiency.

Our solutions can:

  • Automate financial processes to save costs and time, and reduce fraud
  • Create a single view of finances across your systems to improve financial planning and management
  • Extract insights from data to track the financial consequences of every decision and action
  • Price, monitor and manage your activities and costs in line with contract requirements
  • Offer cashless solutions that improve efficiency and safeguarding
  • Collect and manage payments with secure, cloud-optimised software
  • In healthcare, quickly build accurate patient-level costing models

Machine learning reloaded

In volume 3, we reload machine learning to help crack the matrix and deliver more value for public services

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Machine learning reloaded