Aurum, AI engine identifies systemic variation in clinical data

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Identifying clinical variation using AI

Civica’s costing AI engine, Aurum, easily identifies systemic variation in clinical data. Using AI and the latest cloud technologies it can mine data in minutes, returning insights in a fraction of the time it would take a human analyst using traditional BI methods.

Using your data Aurum, developed in Civica’s NorthStar innovation lab, helps identify tangible opportunities for improvement and drive transformational change. It quickly finds bottlenecks such as excessive bed days, low theatre numbers and can help manage the elective backlog post COVID-19.

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Why choose Aurum

Automates identification of clinical variation in minutes

Removes 99% of manual effort required to interrogate data

Quickly highlights £millions of improvement opportunity

Allows you to focus on driving transformational changes and achieve real outcomes

Unlocks the true potential of your rich costing data set.

Joel Harrison,

Chief Finance Officer,

North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust

Alongside CostMaster, Aurum will play a critical role in supporting the long-term financial stability of our Trust, helping us deliver increased productivity and supporting the improvement of our overall quality of care.

Building better healthcare

How machine learning can improve the data, we need!

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Tracey Cotterill, MD, Population Health Intelligence

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