Civica MARAC: Efficient Multi-Agency Case Management System

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A secure collaborative environment for the highest-risk abuse cases

Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARACs) bring together representatives from a range of support agencies to share information and develop action plans on the highest-risk cases – to reduce the risk of serious domestic abuse and sexual violence cases.

As well as safeguarding the victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence cases and managing the perpetrators’ behaviour, MARAC professionals need to effectively collaborate with each other to maximise outcomes.

MARAC’s need to overcome all obstacles faced including improving performance, agreeing protocols, and ensuring identification and referral of high-risk cases in a timely way. MARAC Case Management is a comprehensive software system designed to support the efficient and effective management of cases discussed at MARAC meetings. The system enables multiple agencies to collaborate and share information to assess and manage the risks faced by victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence cases.

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Why choose Civica MARAC?

Assessment - Ensure no vulnerable case is missed by allowing referrals via a secure portal, including DASH, MERIT or custom assessments to be made.

Collaboration - Share relevant information to identify risks and support safety planning and action plans. Guided procedures ensure that safety and confidentiality are always maintained.

Security - With the sensitive nature and scope of data involved, access is tightly controlled. Conduct communications in a secure environment and share any external documents confirming recipient identify with 2FA.

Visibility - Advanced reporting allows performance tracking. Identify strengths and challenges to ensure the safety of victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence cases, improve outcomes, and maximise resource allocation, meet deadlines and aid compliance.

A revictimisation study for cases heard at the first Cardiff MARAC, and found a 60% complete cessation of abuse in the following six months.

Features of Civica MARAC


Facilitate effective collaboration among multiple agencies involved in supporting victims. Allows authorized personnel from different agencies, such as police, healthcare providers, social services, and charities, to securely access and effectively contribute.


Contribute to all cross-agency actions, with ease of access to meetings, agendas and minutes, allowing full updates according to requirements.

Case Management

The system allows case workers to create and manage cases, providing a centralized repository for storing case details, such as personal information, risk assessments, support plans, documents and communications.

Risk Assessment

Process referral and information sharing reminders ensure each case is heard when required, giving each agency time to review prior to MARAC.

Scheduled Reminders

Enables case handlers to conduct thorough assessments of the level of risk faced by the victims. Supports the use of recognized risk assessment tools and allows for the continuous monitoring and updating of risk levels.

Security and Protection

Prioritize the security and confidentiality of sensitive information, adhering to best practices in data protection, ensuring that access to case information is limited to authorized personnel only. The system employs robust encryption and maintains regular data backups to prevent data loss.

Advanced Analytics

Dashboards and reports on effective performance and highlights areas for improvements. A detailed audit trail of all activities provides transparency and accountability, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitating internal audits.

Effective governance oversees the performance, sustainability and accountability of the MARAC.

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