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Cloud-based complaint management system for financial services providers

In the dynamic landscape of financial services, meeting the regulatory requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is paramount. At Civica, we understand the importance of effective complaint management for financial institutions. Our cloud-based financial Complaint Management software is tailored to align seamlessly with the FCA's Dispute Resolution (DISP) handbook, enabling UK financial service providers to navigate the regulatory landscape with confidence.

Civica Financial Complaint Management has been designed to enable financial services providers to meet the requirements set out in the FCA DISP handbook, and the Prudential Regulatory Authority for insurance providers.

Addressing FCA compliance challenges starts with a conversation. Reach out to our team to learn more about how Civica Complaint Management software can revolutionize your complaint handling process. Complete the form to schedule a personalized demo and take a step towards enhancing customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance in your financial services operations.

Why choose Civica Financial Complaints Management?

FCA Compliant – Preconfigured to meet FCA Dispute Resolution (DISP) complaint management, consumer duty and reporting requirements

Configurable – Aligns with your business practices with automation to make everything more efficient.

Effective – An intuitive dispute resolution solution, easy to implement and use to solve complaints.

Financial – Suitable for all financial, banking and insurance providers to manage complaints regulatory adherence.

Key Features

Workflows and correspondence

Pre-defined workflows and correspondence ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Section 75 & Chargebacks

Utilise for bank and credit Section 75 (S75) disputes and chargeback claims management, to enable your organisation to collaborate with merchants and comply with regulations.

Granular Classification

Effectively analyze complaint data, identifying and addressing root causes to prevent systemic issues.

Multi-Channel Integration

Capture complaints seamlessly from various channels including email, web forms, telephony, and social media.

Comprehensive Reporting

Access team-specific dashboards, KPI tracking, and measurement tools for insightful analysis.

Granular classification

Effective root cause analysis to identify and prevent systemic issues from going unnoticed.

External Dispute Resolution

Support external dispute resolution processes by seamlessly sharing case information with the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Nick Heggie,

Operations Manager

Tesco Bank

We haven't changed our processes: we've just made everything easier, more efficient, and more secure.

Financial Complaints handling software for your business

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