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Civica is a growing partner for commercial and utility organisations. Our specialist applications and digital solutions are helping organisations to adapt to a changing landscape and to deliver improved customer services and more competitive products.

Business-critical software

Civica software is used to deliver responsive services and efficient administration, in financial & legal services, energy distribution, transport, utilities and support services. Business-critical applications range from customer information systems to fleet management solutions.



Underpinned by expertise in data analytics, mobile technologies and secure systems, Civica is helping commercial organisations to meet legislative and regulatory challenges while transforming customer experience and retention through modern multi-channel digital services. With a leading capability, we build and manage secure applications, such as the State of Victoria infringement management system.


Outsourced & managed services

Civica also provides a broad range of IT managed services, ranging from cloud solutions and application hosting to software asset management. Covering hardware, infrastructure, software licensing and service management, Civica is a proven partner with a flexible commercial approach, helping our customers to work efficiently and effectively and to speed up the adoption of modern technology.

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