TranSend Route Planning & Optimisation

Helping you achieve effective delivery routes, with accurate customer delivery ETAs, lower mileage and operational costs

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Dynamic route planning and optimisation for supply chain delivery & collection management.

Using cloud-optimised software, TranSend route planning and optimisation enables organisations to manage complex delivery planning with achievable routes that maximise the use of vehicles and drivers, based on orders, weight & volume, location, vehicle capacity and time-window. 

Strategic route planning helps to identify further efficiencies, customer service improvements or model scenarios for future business growth or depot changes.

Why choose TranSend route planning?

  • Saves time and money by reducing delivery time and mileage
  • Improves visibility and control with dynamic route updates
  • Improves customer service with real-time delivery ETA updates


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TranSend route planning and optimisation can manage any approach:

  • Route Builder - create routes from un-routed orders and modify full or partial routes that are ready to be planned for delivery. 
  • Dynamic Route Builder – allows new jobs, such as collections and onward deliveries, to be dynamically allocated to drivers/vehicles whilst out on the road.  
  • Route Optimisation – automatically re-sequences drops on any route, optimising both the time and distance required, whilst taking into account any specific delivery factors, and creates ETAs.  
  • Route Generation – provides a more automated approach to dynamically generate routes for a single depot based upon the number of vehicles available and the order/job details selected for a particular day, based on orders imported from an ERP or Order Management system.
  • Strategic Planner – allows the business to run ‘what-if’ scenarios calling upon live data, actual historic data and/or user-defined/created data, ensuring uniformity between the live system and the planning tool to generate more accurate results.

TranSend route planning software also handles scenarios where planned routes are imported from an external system and need to be amended at a local depot. Planned routes are automatically uploaded to TranSend ePOD.

Supporting essential delivery services during COVID-19

Supporting new and temporary drivers

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Our investment in TranSend integrated ePOD and route planning will drive business efficiencies and build on our reputation for quality, promptness, efficiency and innovation in service delivery.
Rob Peters, Site Director, CLEAN

We have delivered TranSend route planning for customers including:

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