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Our eLearning courses provide the essential skills and industry specific knowledge learners need to become effective quickly

Civica eLearning courses deliver a comprehensive range of high-quality content for your learning platform.

The eLearning courses are fully responsive, providing a great user experience across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Whether learners are in the office, at home, travelling or working away, they’ll have access to their eLearning.

The eLearning courses are fully continuous professional development (CPD) accredited and are regularly refreshed to ensure your learners are always up-to-date.

Featuring media rich design, gamification and scenario-based learning, the eLearning courses enhance learner engagement.

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With Civica, we have a partner that is innovative and always looking to support us in achieving our strategic goals.

Off-the-shelf eLearning to transform learning culture across your organisation

Business protection and HR support

Supports your management team and employees with the knowledge needed to work in a modern workplace environment and ensures they comply with current legislation.

Health and safety

Ensure your management team and employees comply with current legislation and have a greater level of understanding and awareness about health and safety.

Business Skills

Every organisation needs a go-to resource that gives a solid grounding in the modern workplace. Our business skills collection provides learners with the essential skills and knowledge they need to become effective quickly. Topics covered include agile working, data protection, risk management and more.

Personal skills

Provides up-to-date content in each of the key skill areas to capture present trends. Topics covered include adaptability, self care, creativity and digital leadership.

Leadership and Management

Everything learners need to develop and manage individuals and teams in the workplace, including becoming an effective leader. Topics covered include developing people in the workplace, strategic thinking and more.

Fair, Safe and Legal

Everything learners need to become compliant across a range of business and finance topics. Topics covered include cyber security, data protection, workplace information systems and more.

Financial Services

Aimed at people working in the financial services sector and provides everything learners need to get started with financial compliance and corporate responsibilities. Topics covered include bribery, corruption, fraud awareness and more.


Equips learners with essential knowledge, ensuring they stay on top of changing regulations and legislations.

Social care and health

Underpinned by national standards, latest research and best practice. The collection is mapped to the Skills for Care Endorsement Framework and delivers immediate value through full compliance with the requirements of the Care Quality Commission.


Aimed at people working within the housing sector – for private organisations, local government and not-for-profits – and ensures they’re up-to-date with policies and sector legislation. The collection also equips tenants with essential knowledge and skills. Topics covered include affordable rent, fuel poverty, social housing and more.

Hospitality and retail

Ensures employees working in restaurants, bars and other hospitality businesses are skilled and up-to-date with sector legislations. Topics covered include customer care, food safety, health and safety, and more.


Supports engineering and manufacturing organisations in the pursuit of continuous improvement and changing global demands. Topics covered include good manufacturing practice and lean methodology.

Contact centre

Aimed at people working within a customer service environment and equips them with the skills to deliver excellent customer service. Topics covered include email support, live chat, team management and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are eLearning courses?

eLearning courses are interactive content, typically containing text, audio, video and quizzes, that provide online or digital learning experiences. eLearning courses can be individual or grouped together in modules to create learning programmes.

Who can use Civica eLearning Courses?

Organisations use Civica eLearning Courses to provide their learners, including employees, partners and customers, with eLearning courses. Due to its convenience and flexibility, eLearning courses are available from anywhere and at any time.

How can off-the-shelf eLearning help organisations and its employees?

Off-the-shelf eLearning courses provide learners with the essential skills and industry specific knowledge they need. For organisations, it ensures their people are compliant and productive quickly.

How does Civica eLearning Courses work?

Civica eLearning Courses can be added to the Civica Learning management system (LMS), or your own LMS. Organisations can choose from a range of 13 libraries, depending on the essential skills or industry specific knowledge they need to provide their learners.

What are the benefits of Civica eLearning Courses?

There are many benefits to eLearning courses. They include:

  • Engaging: eLearning courses can feature media rich design, gamification and scenario-based learning, which enhances learner engagement
  • Flexibility: eLearning courses allow for freedom to complete whenever and wherever it’s suited to an individual
  • Time and cost effective: face-to-face training could require a venue, travel, accommodation and other expenses – eLearning courses remove these costs. eLearning courses are also completed quicker than face-to-face training experiences
  • Reporting and analytics: with eLearning courses delivered through an LMS, every learner activity – which provides a complete view of training initiatives.
  • Consistency: eLearning courses provide the same content and experiences to everyone, ensuring that the same standard of training is delivered.


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