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Save administration time, maximise income and improve parental engagement

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Fast and secure online payments for schools to transform income collection and improve parental engagement

Civica Education Payments transforms the way schools collect income with a fast, convenient and secure online portal for parents. Built in partnership with schools and councils, the portal is designed to maximise income and improve parental engagement - enabling schools to focus on education rather than administration.

Civica Education Payments, Civica Catering Management (formerly Saffron) and Civica Cashless Catering are a complete solution for schools. Together they deliver peace of mind, help you be more productive and improve experience for those using your services.

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Why choose Civica Education Payments?

See a complete picture of school income across your authority or trust

Improve parental engagement and promote self-service

Maximise income collection and reduce administration

Your money, faster

With Civica Education Payments, funds are settled as soon as possible. It’s your money, we don’t hold onto it.

A safe pair of hands

We know how to manage income. We’ve been innovating in the payments industry for over 25 years. Civica Education Payments is fully compliant with GDPR and PCI DSS Level 1. In 2019, we enabled public sector organisations to collect more than £2.2bn. That’s more than twice the amount processed by the leading school payments provider.

Central control of multiple sites

From a single login, administrators can manage merchants and income across all schools in your authority or trust. This helps you see the full picture of income across your estate, enabling you to make cost-saving decisions.

More than meals

Schools can collect payments for catering, trips, uniforms, clubs – anything they wish to offer. Schools decide which items are available to which child and set the stock levels.

Automatic top-ups

We understand how awkward it can be for pupils and canteen staff if funds run out. Parents can set a threshold to automatically top-up the balance on the account by a set amount. Saving time, and saving face, in the lunch queue.

Ditch the paper trail

Consent can be easily collected where required, and the included communications module lets schools send bulk email or text messages. This reduces the delays and hassle of paperwork and provides a clear audit trail. We believe that paper should be used for school work, not admin.

An integrated solution

Civica Education Payments seamlessly integrates with Civica Cashless Catering, removing 3rd party integration costs. This means you are dealing with one supplier, one support login and one maintenance contract. Of course, we can integrate with all other 3rd party catering systems if you really, really want.

Flexibility for parents

Need to transfer catering balance from one pupil to another? No problem. Multiple children at different schools? Parents can use the same account to manage each child’s balance. Different parents need to pay separately for a single child? Again, not a problem. With these and many more options, Civica Education Payments saves time for busy parents. School staff spend less time on admin and more time supporting learning.

School payments system FAQs

What is a school payments system?

A school payments system is an online portal which lets parents pay for meals or other items schools need to charge for. A secure, online payments system enables schools to become cashless.

How do you pay school money?

Parents use the online school payment portal to transfer money to their child’s account or automatically top-up the balance when funds reach a specified threshold.

What are the benefits of school payments system?

An online school payments system gives parents and guardians more control and visibility over school payments, including school meals, class trips, uniforms, clubs – anything offered by your school. The solution ensures quick payment processing for schools, and streamlines the management of income, reducing administration and paperwork.

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