Financial Management for Care Providers

HealthInvestor Award Winner 2017

Improving care, controlling costs

Operating in a climate of rising regulatory costs and downward pressure on fees is a significant challenge for private health care providers. Coldharbour, our specialist financial and care management software, will make it easier to meet this challenge, helping you reduce the cost of delivery, while enhancing workforce productivity and improving quality of care.

Coldharbour is widely used across the UK’s private and independent residential, community, nursery and mental health care sectors. It supports new ways of working that can help your organisation achieve return on investment and deliver commercial results.

Delivering successful outcomes 

Coldharbour is used by 70% of the top 20 residential and community care providers in the UK, helping them to improve operational efficiency through workforce optimisation, automation of financial and administrative processes, compliance, care planning, care assessments, mobile working, analytics and cloud services.

To help you run an efficient organisation, Coldharbour integrates all the key functions needed by care providers:

  • Residential care. Addresses all aspects of care home employee management and supports the well-being of residents. Download product overview
  • Community care. Helps you manage home care services so that people can live safely in their own homes. Download product overview
  • Nursery care. Simplifies everyday financial and administrative processes for busy children’s nurseries. Download product overview
  • Acute and mental health care. Supports private, acute, patient-centred activities through clinical care record, administration and income processing; and meets the needs of diverse, complex care services. 
The scalable Coldharbour product suite from Civica will drive extensive operational benefits and will be fundamental in achieving IT transformation across Voyage Care. The team demonstrated a comprehensive range of established market leading applications aligned to our requirements. With the company’s proven support, we’re now ready to take the next step in our future business strategy transformation.
Jayne Davey, Voyage Care

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