MSD Wayne Township pick Parago asset management system

1st July 2020

Parago proves to be a trusted solution for all schools in the district

Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township were looking for a system to help accurately manage and track technology, assets and IT throughout the district.

Parago’s icon-based inventory management system design enabled the ease of navigation they were searching for. Its ease of use and extensive analytical modules gives them the ability to make informed decisions on technological procurement and support procedures. The asset management software for schools helps The Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township work smarter as a district.

After Parago was introduced, staff quickly adapted to the simple icon-based, operations management dashboards, that give an easy-to-use feel.

Because of Civica’s extensive knowledge on what solutions districts need to operate, it wasn’t long before the benefits of using the Parago asset management system were achieved. It offered true separation between each school in the district, by allowing different accounts for each school, all managed through one dashboard in the head office.

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Key outcomes

A solution designed for districts

Quick and easy navigation with icon-based dashboards cutting down on time it takes to complete a task

Real time data reporting offers accuracy when making critical choices

Pete Just,

Chief Operations and Technology Officer,

Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township

We were really looking for something to solve these issues and close the gap of usability. We are pleased to have found a solution in Parago.