Burntwood School Academy adopts Civica Education Operations

1st February 2021

Asset management becomes accessible on portable devices

Prior to using Civica Education Operations (formerly Parago), Burntwood School Academy would use blank Excel sheets to record and manage their data, which is a standard method most schools used. Recording all assets assigned to students, staff and rooms in multiple schools used up an unnecessary amount of time to complete and would mean a lot of preparation before-hand. 

Burntwood decided to adopt Civica's operations management system for its ability to map the site and track assets by mobile device, the quality of its flexible reporting and the knowledge of the Civica representative.

Once Civica Education Operations was integrated, Burntwood saw their annual asset management updated in a matter of hours, cutting down to just a fraction of the time it would usually take. And with the additional support from the mobile app, Burntwood can now access and manage their assets instantly. Helping them record data on the go increased efficiency and accuracy of their assets.

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Key outcomes

Asset management becomes more accessible with mobile app

Onsite training is available so you can use your software at full potential with confidence

Run reports, manage assets, and access information quickly through one single system

Christine Moore,

Financial Officer,

Burntwood School Academy

We were looking to achieve a centrally held system that would allow us to fulfil our academy accounting obligations. We wanted the system to be easy to use, universally accessible to our staff and to produce multiple reports.