Lion Academy Trust choose Parago for rebuild system

1st February 2018

Parago steps in to rebuild Lion Academy Trust’s asset management system

Lion Academy Trust were previously struggling to manage their assets across each school. They wanted a system that could be accessible and used by all levels of staff and that managed all of their assets on one central system. With each school managing their data in different ways , Lion Academy was at high risk of inconsistency, missed financial deadlines, and extra audit costs.

Parago standardised the way they ran audit checks and collected data, and it wasn’t long before Lion saw the benefits. making it easier to manage and track assets, helping them cut down on time, cost and workload.

Lion Academy Trust are able to produce reports for future procurement across all academies. Putting them in a stronger position to negotiate better prices with suppliers of IT, furniture and other assets.

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Key outcomes

Easy to use system for all levels of staff

Software can be ready to use in as little as a week with staff fully trained on all levels

Quickly access data and relevant information from a few clicks