Achieving the right mark for students and markers

9th March 2023

Reporting to the Minister for Education, the School Curriculum and Standards Authority is responsible for Kindergarten to Year 12 curriculum, assessment, standards and reporting for all Western Australian schools.

In partnership with the Authority, we implemented our secure online marking platform, Civica Mark Manager, to improve assessment standards and the overall candidate experience. 

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students sitting examinations every year

markers marking remotely

territory covered

Jenny Morup, Manager,

Examinations Logistics,

Western Australia School Curriculum and Standards Authority

We selected Civica Mark Manager because it met our criteria and offered value for money. It was an absolutely smooth transition, and the implementation of the new system went exceptionally well. It worked very successfully right from the beginning.

Civica Mark Manager

Intuitive, secure, and reliable on-screen marking of candidate responses

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Melanie Jasper,

Senior Consultant Written Examinations,

Western Australia School Curriculum and Standards Authority

Markers found the application easy to use and liked how they could adapt the screens to suit. Access to the scripts was easy with markers able to work on one after another without issue. The system was quick, even in peak periods.