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Cx connects housing and people, all the time

Cx is the only housing management platform created to meet the challenges of the modern social housing provider. With 110+ customers, it’s true SaaS and a proven, single platform helping you to manage your housing, assets, and contractors with CRM embedded. It focuses on customer experience, connecting customer and property data to create a single version of the truth, so it's easier to manage your customers’ differing needs.

Craig Manley,

Head of IT & Digital Transformation,

Teign Housing

Our Housing & Asset Management software uses half of our server space. Moving to the cloud subscription model will deliver several benefits, from predictable budgeting to cost and employee time savings. With security monitoring, disaster recovery and much more to be delivered by Civica, it will give us time back to work on other projects such as data integrity and business intelligence.

Fundamentally, Cx uses a modern tech stack which future proofs our business for the next 10-15 years.

Seven reasons why housing providers are moving to Cx

  1. Manages customer relations effectively
  2. Recognise the benefits of cloud software
  3. A modern, digital platform with inbuilt Microsoft technology
  4. Fast access to manage customer, properties and contractors on one platform
  5. Enables mobile and offline working, on any device
  6. Flexible configuration to meet organisational needs
  7. Cost effective and future ready.
CRM Improves resident engagement - Workflow, BI/Reporting, IoT, Analytics, Housing needs, Machine learning, Forms, Housing management, Financials management, Al, Communication, 3D modelling, Asset management, Contractor management, Portal, Chatbots, Mobile

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