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The Social Housing Community Engagement Platform for collecting tenant satisfaction measures data

The social housing white paper committed the Regulator of Social Housing to introduce a set of tenant satisfaction measures. From April 2023, social housing landlords are required to collect, process, and publish tenant satisfaction measures data. Many of these will be measured by tenant perception surveys.

  1. provide tenants with information that can be used to hold their landlords to account and to inform our regulation of landlords, and
  2. measure things that matter to tenants.

Civica Community Engage, our digital community engagement platform, makes it simple to communicate and engage. You can quickly build websites, create effective surveys, and analyse real-time data to inform your decision-making and service delivery. Our comprehensive suite combines over 40 engagement, feedback and analytics tools, making it easy for you to create unique engagement projects.

Its integrated with our Cx Housing Management software offering you a smart engagement platform that helps you to increase community participation, understand the feedback you receive and take the appropriate action.

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Teign Housing reaches a broader range of residents with Community Engage

"Civica Community Engage is unlocking data that we can turn into knowledge." Caroline Helps, Teign Housing explains how they’ve made digital engagement faster and more efficient.

Driving digital engagement and community participation

  • Create a community engagement website

Explore our visual website builder that’s packed full of widgets designed to increase engagement and community participation.

  • Capture feedback and drive participation

Discover our suite of feedback and participation tools that includes surveys, research panels, ideas boards, comments and much more.

  • Discover insights and visualise data

Unlock actionable insights with real-time interactive dashboards, drag and drop pivot tables and our AI driven analytics functions.

Each year, we survey over 3000 tenants to review our repairs service. The end-to-end process, from survey creation to publishing the results, took one person over 11 hours. Using Civica Community Engage has significantly reduced and improved our processes to 30 minutes.We’re now looking to move our 13 regular surveys and the new tenant satisfaction measures to Community Engage. We envisage future surveys and polls will become 95% automated – reducing resource time further.


Karen Johnson,

Head Of People And Technology, Teign Housing

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