Software for Multi-Academy Trusts

We champion the vital role that your Multi-Academy Trust plays in our communities, enabling you to become financially resilient, manage your teams effectively and provide a safe learning environment for pupils and staff.

We understand the mounting challenges you face in building an effective team while maintaining a safe environment for pupils and staff, in a climate of growing financial and regulatory pressure that pushes you to deliver more with less.

UK academies use our school management solutions

of the larger MATs in the country work with us

years’ experience in the education sector

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Dedicated services for your journey

We bring a depth of knowledge and understanding of the mission critical role our software plays in delivering out comes to pupils and staff. We’re commitment to deliver unparalleled customer time to value through seamless software deployment, expert enablement with a passion to drive successful adoption.


1. Deployment

From first engagement, our team are on hand from to make your transition a success. We can help you remove the headache of lengthy implementation and let you concentrate on delivering improved experiences for your students and community.

2. Enablement

We believe that true success comes from empowering your team with the knowledge and tools they need to excel. We focus our efforts in equipping your staff with the skills and confidence to maximise the potential of our solutions.

3. Adoption

You're not just implementing a software solution—you're embarking on a journey towards organisational transformation. It's about embracing change and driving tangible results for your organisation Adoption phase; We work closely with your team to ensure a seamless transition and full utilisation of the software's capabilities.

4. Support

You're not just receiving assistance you're gaining a trusted partner invested in your ongoing success. We stand by your side providing reliable support and guidance whenever you need it.

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Civica is a large, well-established company with a great track record of delivering finance systems to schools and Trusts. This gave us confidence that any issues or support we may need going forward will be quickly resolved and actioned. Having products and expertise specifically for schools and trusts means Civica will be aware of any sector-related changes or developments that may impact our day-to-day roles.

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