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Plan and track shift patterns, hours worked and absences for employees and casual workers

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Manage and pay people that work variable hours simpler and faster with time and attendance software and clocking systems

Our cloud time and attendance software is proven to significantly increase efficiencies and reduce operating costs associated with managing and paying people who are working variable or flexible hours.

If your company operates shifts, has non-salaried employees working varying hours, or is one of the increasing number of organisations to offer the benefit of flexible working practices, then Civica Time & Attendance will make planning and keeping track of employees’ hours, and ultimately paying them, much simpler. 

Why choose Civica Time and Attendance software?

Fast calculations and accurate data for payroll

Plan, manage and reduce absence and lateness

Improve efficiency with clocking-in

Key features:

  • Clocking-in systems – automatically capture working times using biometric readers, fobs, browser, mobile apps and more.
  • Support for your policies and rules
  • Holiday and absence management
  • Build shifts and rotas
  • Employee records
  • Supervisor facilities
  • Workforce planning
  • Simplify payroll
  • Accurate real-time reporting
  • Optional timesheets module.

Civica's HR & Payroll solutions include integrated HR softwarepayroll software and time management software, which can be used in combination or standalone and include the latest digital employee self-service technologies. We can also offer integrated managed payroll services.

Roster module

This optional module can be used to plan working schedules for multiple companies and automatically creates rosters by finding the most appropriate employees to allocate shifts based on skills and availability.

Timesheet module

Civica’s Timesheet software allows users to track the hours of employees across multiple projects and activities – so you can see not only when employees are working but what they are doing with their time. 

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