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Track employee working hours across multiple companies, projects and activities

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Civica Timesheets enables employees to record their working times, activities and absence and make expense and mileage claims online

Our cloud-enabled timesheet software is accessible from anywhere, so users can provide a real time picture of their working day providing accurate data for Civica Payroll or invoicing, simplifying cost and project management. The software allows users to track the hours of employees across multiple projects and activities, and record attendance, absence, time-off-in-lieu (TOIL) and holidays. 

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Why choose Civica Timesheet Software

Improved insight into what employees are doing with their time

Improve efficiency and accuracy with automatic interface to Civica Payroll

Simplify billing with activities aligned to finance cost centres

Civica Timesheets helps you to keep track of employee working hours across multiple companies along with the projects and activities being worked on, for budgeting, billing and payroll. A handy calendar view allows you to easily view weekly and monthly totals for particular projects, and show overall work patterns for all projects.


  • Manage clients, activities and projects - Maintain clients, rates, activities and projects against which time can be recorded
  • Insight into employee activity - Keep track of employee working hours across multiple companies along with the projects and activities being worked on
  • Manage absence - Record holiday, time off in lieu and other absences
  • Expense and mileage claims - Users can enter expense and mileage claims and upload receipts
  • Produce accurate payroll data - When all the timesheets have been completed and checked, the data can be transferred to Civica Payroll
  • Automatic calculation of invoices and reports - Comes with a suite of editable reports
  • Project timer – Automatically track and record time spent on each project/activity on the day it actually happens.

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