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The platform that gives communities and stakeholders a voice, and decision makers the insights they need.

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Community & Stakeholder Engagement Platform

Putting people at the heart of your decision-making is more important than ever. From local authorities to healthcare organisations, data-driven decisions produce better outcomes for communities and stakeholders alike.

Civica Involve, our digital community and stakeholder engagement platform, makes it simple to build beautiful engagement websites, create effective surveys, and analyse real-time data to inform your decision-making and service delivery. Supporting customers across the public sector, our smart engagement platform helps you increase community participation and understand the feedback you receive.

Civica Involve allows you to access and manage all engagement features through an intuitive interface designed for nontechnical users. Our comprehensive suite combines over 40 engagement, feedback and analytics tools, making it easy for you to create unique engagement projects.

Why choose Civica Involve?

Build engagement websites that are simple to create and proven to increase community participation.

Create effective surveys that get more responses, from live polls and pulse surveys to in-depth research.

Make the right decision with unique data insights in real-time and interactive dashboards.

Data points analysed

Surveys taken

More stakeholders reached

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Civica Involve is dedicated to driving digital engagement and community participation through a single innovative platform:

  • Create a community engagement website

Explore our visual website builder that’s packed full of widgets designed to increase engagement and community participation.

  • Capture feedback and drive participation

Discover our suite of feedback and participation tools that includes surveys, research panels, ideas boards, comments and much more.

  • Discover insights and visualize data

Unlock actionable insights with real-time interactive dashboards, drag and drop pivot tables and our AI driven analytics functions.

Blake Edwards,

Youth Services Director,

City of Greater Geelong

Civica Involve saves us 45 hours of staff time per week, whilst also enabling us to identify key insights by utilising data more effectively. Ultimately, we’re better equipped to help youth across the Greater Geelong region.


ntropy is now Civica Involve, part of the Civica family

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