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A meal ordering app designed to provide patients with a more interactive and personal experience.

Civica Bedside improves efficiency and reduces food wastage within healthcare catering operations through real-time, more accurate information. The app is available to use with Civica Catering Management software (formerly Saffron).

Using technology to improve patient experience

Digital meal ordering, often referred to as electronic meal ordering or ‘EMO’, means taking patient meal orders via a tablet or other device instead of written instructions. It’s a more efficient way to streamline the ordering process and reduces the risk of error.

At Civica, we understand the important benefits this can deliver. We’ve created Civica Bedside to take digital meal ordering to the next level.

With Civica Bedside, ward staff use a tablet to input preferences for specific patients, rather than beds. This means patients receive their chosen meal even if they are moved. The solution is easy to navigate and fully tailored to the individual. It allows patients to choose from a specific list of meals that are suitable for them, with the option for individual preferences due to the human interaction required.

Why choose Civica Bedside?

Comply with the Independent Review of NHS Hospital Food in England

The Independent Review of NHS Hospital Food in England, published in 2020 and seen as the first step towards improving standards in hospital catering, included the requirement that “Every hospital should implement a digital meal ordering system by 2022.”

The comprehensive review covers the safety, nutrition, quality and production methods of food for patients, staff and visitors in NHS hospitals. Its focus is on making things better through a holistic approach. It put forward eight recommendations for system-level change.

Comply with ERIC reporting requirements

Civica Bedside offers a simple and affordable way for NHS organisations to record food wastage weights wherever they are measured, with splits down to the categories required for estates return information collection (ERIC) reporting.

Trusts benefit from a centralised view of wastage across the estate, differentiated to hospital and ward level, providing the data required for both the ERIC report and to drive improvements.

All NHS organisations need to report the total amount of food waste they produce annually and how they dispose of it every year. As of April 2024, there is a legislative requirement to break this down into multiple categories, including preparation waste, plate waste, unserved meals and spoilage.

Enhance patient experience

Civica Bedside is designed to provide patients and residents with a personalised and more interactive meal ordering process. Patients are presented with personalised meal options based on their individual dietary requirements. They can view images of each dish along with nutritional analysis to help make an informed choice.

Orders can be received per patient, not beds – if a patient is moved at short notice, food doesn’t have to go to waste. This means no more missed meals when moving beds.

Drive down costs and wastage

Civica Bedside can help you make savings across all multiple areas of your healthcare catering operation:

  • Reduce the time and cost of gathering orders by 50% vs printed menu cards
  • Streamline production in the kitchen through improving the accuracy of orders
  • Reduce the need for over-production and associated food wastage
  • Improve budget performance by as much as 4% with better oversight
  • Save up to 5% on current food expenditure with better purchase management
  • Better menu management improves budget vs actual performance by 3%.


Improve efficiency

Quicker inputting, real-time updates and a reduction in the time between ordering and meal delivery can all help drive efficiency on wards and in the kitchen.

Get ready for new food waste legislation with Civica and NHS England

Join Civica and Tim Radcliffe, Net Zero Food Programme Manager for NHS England to learn how new food waste legislation impacts you and what you can do to meet it.

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Civica digital bedside meal ordering drives £180k saving

Driving food reduction and improving patient satisfaction for Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Sodexo. 

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The Hospital Food Review

Examining the findings of the Independent Review of NHS Hospital Food in England

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