Complaint Case Management System

Everything you need to take control and stay on top of your organisation's caseload, enabling case handlers to work collaboratively, efficiently and effectively.

The Modern Case Management Framework

As organisations and industries grow and develop, the need to effectively manage interactions becomes increasingly difficult. This challenge is magnified in industries subject to compliance regulations and ombudsmen.

According to Gartner Inc., there is a dire need for modern Case Management Frameworks (CMFs) to address highly complex customer complaints & feedback using an engaging and intuitive approach. These solutions also need to take into account regulatory requirements, role-based access, SLA-centric analytics and collaborative features.

Civica Complaints Management is designed to tick all the requirements of a “modern CMF” while providing functionality that caters to the unique requirements of each individual organisation.

Intuitive Workflow

At the core of any successful CMF is the ability to provide a structured workflow, to offer an environment that supports collaboration between colleagues while providing a straightforward, user-driven process that clearly leads to case resolution.

Intelligent Case Management

Civica Complaints Management takes full control of all stages of the case creation process, enabling Senior Management and Team Leaders to focus on productivity and efficiency rather than being slowed down from operations. New cases can be created from multiple channels, from email and website forms to using call centre staff and customer self-service portals.

When a new case is launched, the system automatically assigns the case to the most appropriate case handler. A variety of factors can be configured to customise this process, such as assignation via case type, service, product, sentiment analysis, keywords and customer location. Caseworker-specific parameters can also be factored in, such as foreign language skills and legal knowledge.

Workload Management

Civica Complaints Management removes the barriers to effective case management by providing practical, easy-to-use tools to your operations teams. Case handlers and managers can view cases in a variety of ways, such as in a list, on a calendar or on a map. Intuitive filtering enables your employees to quickly find the data they need — users can filter by customer, keyword or any other attribute.

Workflow Management

Civica Complaints Management enables your case handlers to focus exclusively on the steps required to resolve assigned cases (“What’s next”), and the capability to review of the steps they have taken to reach their current stage (“What’s done”).


Civica Complaints Management fosters collaboration between colleagues—and external service providers—by integrating the tools your employees need to easily communicate. Online collaboration is facilitated by the ‘Collaborate’ feature which enables case handlers to message their co-workers with case-related inquiries or even engage in an online chat.


At the heart of any effective CMF is the capability to easily engage with customers. The type of communication required, however, does have special requirements — case handlers need to have a wide array of case information at their fingertips in order to provide customers with meaningful information. The complexity of handling complaint conversation threads, associated images, documents and files—while maintaining adherence to regulatory and SLA timelines—can quickly become overwhelming.


Our approach to managing case data is based on centralisation: all content that passes through Civica Complaints Management is automatically associated with a case. This includes all conversations, message threads, images, audio files, chats, spreadsheets, files, etc. By associating case-related content directly with the relevant case, Civica Complaints Management effectively negates the hazards of misplaced information while facilitating ease-of-access for case workers and the colleagues whom they collaborate with.

Automated Correspondence

In addition to the auto-centralisation of data, Civica Complaints Management automatically generates the correct type of correspondence needed for relevant stages of the case management workflow. The platform uses highly configurable correspondence templates to auto-generate acknowledgements, responses, approval requests and a wide variety of customer-centric communications.


Given recent data protection regulations aimed at safeguarding sensitive data, the protection of customer information has become a priority for enterprises across the globe - with the Data Protection Act in the UK, GDRP in the EU, California CPA / CPR, Australia CDR, Brazil LGPD etc. Civica Complaints Management supports compliance with data protection regulations via secure messaging capabilities. Using a combination of our secure cloud-accessible platform and SMS technology, Civica Complaints Management users have the option of sending correspondence securely.

Staying Timely

Effectively managing a high quantity of customer complaint cases is often a balancing act. Civica Complaints Management empowers enterprises to put their resources where it matters—scalability and revenue growth—instead of wasting precious employee time on keeping track of SLA deadlines and regulatory documentation. An array of integrated time & tracking features give your enterprise the freedom, and breathing space, it needs to focus on what’s important.

An Eye on Deadlines

The Civica Complaints Management platform is, at its core, a thoroughly configurable environment that can be customised to align with your business requirements. In addition to workflow and communications, this configurability also extends to defining casework and task timescales for your employees.

Progress Monitoring

Given the importance of regulatory compliance—coupled with the obvious need for internal performance analysis—Civica Complaints Management automatically saves all actions performed across the entire platform. Every single action, system event, update or case read request is meticulously recorded and made available via the Audit Trail feature. This audit trail is invaluable for subsequent analysis and ombudsman reporting.

If you would like to find out more about Civica Complaints Management for your organisation, contact us.