Through a range of analytical and insight-based solutions, we help organisations become insight-driven; identifying and managing risk, easing the burden of regulatory compliance, improving customer insight, and increasing overall business performance.

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Business and technology leaders are increasingly aware of the business value of data-driven insights to help tackle business challenges.

Yet organisations are struggling to deliver the analytical capabilities they require to drive revenue, reduce costs and create a great Customer experience.

To support this, Civica Digital provides a broad range of services throughout the data-to-insights value chain; building, hosting and managing data analytics solutions that enable organisations to become insight-driven.

Systems of insight

We offer full development lifecycle and managed services for analytics solutions, including analysis, design, build, hosting and management. Our consultants work with customers to understand their information needs, define their solution and deployment model, and plan and implement a solution.

  • Reporting - Planning, designing and implementing a reporting platform that enables customers to identify trends and improve decision-making.
  • Dashboards and advanced data visualisation - Bringing together various historical, current and/or predictive sources into one interactive visual that helps users better interpret data and generate insights.
  • Data integration - Solutions which ingest, combine, reconcile and move data from one source to another in order to analyse and draw business insights from it.
  • Curated data stores (including data lakes) - Stores which reconcile, consolidate, synchronise, and persist shared, trusted views of information and make it available to consuming applications and processes.
  • Predictive analytics, machine learning and AI - Applying technologies and techniques that use algorithms to iteratively learn from data, to uncover actionable new knowledge to enable smarter business decisions and create intelligent applications.

Insight services

We can help organisations deliver actionable insights quicker through two different approaches, depending on where the customer is on its analytics journey.

  • Insights lab - A short proof of concept engagement, delivering immediate value or validation around a specific business problem, creating the foundation for an organisation to build out its analytics capability and become an insights-driven business.
  • Insight as a service - Making it easier and more affordable for organisations to derive insights from their data. Extending beyond delivering, hosting and managing analytics solutions, we develop predictive models that generate insight and assist customers to integrate these insights into their relevant applications, decisions and business processes

720-degree view

We build, host and manage solutions that integrate data from multiple sources.

  • Single view - Create a trusted single view of critical data assets such as customers or citizens
  • 360-degree view - Generate a 360° view of an individual’s activities to discover relationships among customer groups, households, locations
  • 720-degree view - Complete the picture by integrating with big data to generate a 720° view to predict future behaviour, enable better decisions, drive customer acquisition and create personalised services.

GDPR compliance solutions

Our consultants will plan, analyse, architect and design, test and implement a solution that gives the organisation a single view of the customer/citizen and facilitates the management of consent surrounding the use of personal data under GDPR.


Data migration

We apply industry best practices and architectural techniques to plan, design, build, and implement data migration solutions to support modernisation and consolidation programmes.

Why choose us?

  • Expert capabilities throughout the data value chain
  • In-house data analytics and data science skills
  • Experts in agile approaches to delivering analytics solutions
  • Knowledge of a range of delivery/deployment models
  • Subject matter experts and thought leaders who focus on analytics consultancy and delivery
  • Our own proven analytics frameworks and methods
  • Ability to scale
  • Our size ensures we are responsive
  • Portfolio of successful analytics projects
  • Expertise and best practices across a range of different functional areas and industries


Enriched online banking BI
Civica Digital transforms Nationwide’s understanding of online banking activity.

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Civica was an impressive and knowledgeable partner that enabled us to kick-start our BI capability. What was particularly impressive was the way they came in to work with us at the very beginning of our journey and helped us take great strides, following best practice.”
Joey Withers, Technical Data Warehouse Manager, DAS

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