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Using an agile and right size approach, we discover, design and build omni-channel applications for services including GOV.UK, customer portals, B2B, e-commerce, internet banking, IoT and mobile workforce.

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Changing customer expectations and the rapid growth of new technologies mean that organisations are turning to digital solutions to help satisfy customer demand, reduce costs and improve outcomes.

Using an agile approach, Civica Digital helps organisations discover the needs of their users and then design and build secure, omni-channel applications centred on those needs.

The result is the delivery of innovative digital services that promote self-service, streamline manual processes, and give user’s access to the services and information they need, whenever and wherever they are.

GOV.UK services

Using agile methods, we deliver solutions that adhere to the Government Digital Service (GDS) standard and are based on open-source technologies and cloud-first hosting principles. We can support all of the GDS delivery phases – Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live – providing either full project teams or individuals for specific roles.

Customer portals

We build secure portals that enable personalised selfservice and a single access point to multiple online services and content for users.

B2B services

We develop and integrate systems that enable organisations to securely transact and share information with partners, suppliers and other 3rd party organisations, helping to reduce costs, improve decision-making and deliver more effective services.

E-commerce solutions

We design, build and manage secure and reliable e-commerce websites and supporting services that optimise the user experience, prevent fraud and drive competitive advantage.

Digital banking

Helping deliver new features faster and increase customer satisfaction, retention and acquisition through the design, build and management of secure, omni-channel online banking applications.

IoT solutions

We help organisations reduce the risk of adopting IoT technologies and bring together the data they hold on connected assets in order to generate new insights and improve decision-making.

Mobile workforce

We design, build and manage user-centred mobile solutions that enable an organisation’s workforce to reliably and securely operate in the field, increasing process efficiency and service quality.

Why choose us?

  • A breadth of expertise and experience
  • User experience expertise and technical know-how
  • A full-service of capabilities to reduce risk as organisations can rely on just one single supplier throughout the service line cycle
  • High profile credentials and references
  • A number of our applications have been recognised as industry-leading and award-winning
  • A strong ecosystem of partners enabling us to make recommendations best suited to customers’ objectives, budget and existing infrastructure
  • Experience managing access to personal, national or organisation level data
  • Delivering up to SECRET and even TOP SECRET projects
  • We can support the integration of different technologies and standards
  • Specialist teams in locations across the UK and Vadodara provide the right mix, scale and expertise to suit any project and budget requirements.


Highest-rated UK banking App
Civica designs and delivers highly rated mobile banking app for Nationwide.

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What’s really come across is the strong ethic among the team to want to produce something of high quality that ORX and our members will want to use. In all our interactions with Civica Digital, you can see the team wants to build a system they’re proud of and that we can be proud of. That’s a wonderful culture to have in your organisation.
Jackie Applegate, Chief Operating Officer, ORX


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