2nd May 2017

Hull City Council enters new contract with Civica to implement CRM portal and effectively manage the data of its 250,000 citizens

A new five-year deal will see Civica provide better data management and a universal citizen portal across all council departments

Hull City Council has entered a new partnership with Digital, a division within the Civica Group which provides organisations with end-to-end digital solutions. The new engagement will see Civica provide a Digital Enablement Suite to increase the efficiency of back office automation.

Civica will work alongside leading Master Data Management (MDM) company, VisionWare, to provide a single view of Hull’s citizen data. By embedding MultiVue MDM as part of the solution, they will deliver significant cost and time savings, increase customer satisfaction and provide deeper insight into citizen service consumption to support Hull’s wider strategic digital transformation project.

Hull City Council looks after over 250,000 citizens and deals with a wide range of issues, from bin collection timings to social housing requests. This means that the customer contact centre currently receives up to 80,000 calls per month and additional face-to-face enquiries. The council has invested in new technology to deliver more efficient automated services, drive innovation and improve working processes.

To make interaction with the council more streamlined and simplified, Civica’s Digital360 suite of software and services will enable citizens to access their query status and transactions online in one place as well as raise issues. The new people-orientated tool will also give citizens the option to have query status updates received proactively via text message or other preferred method. Collectively, this will then free up officers’ time to help citizens on site with more in-depth enquires.

As with all public sector organisations, we are under financial strain so we need to work smarter and use our resources more efficiently. The new solution will provide us with a state- of-the-art system which will help us to provide a more personalised citizen service while making significant cost savings. It’s a true digital investment for the future of Hull.
Councillor Clark, the Portfolio Holder for Customer Services at Hull City Council
Hull City Council is already at the forefront of deploying new technologies; however this new holistic approach to digital transformation will take this one step further. Being able to respond and pre-empt possible issues as a result of better data management and sharing will ensure that people are at the heart of all activities.
Jeff Hewitt, Executive Director, Civica

Part of the council’s main requirement was to have a standardised and fully integrated back-office system, which the Digital360 suite from Civica allows. When combined with the MultiVue MDM solution, which is being delivered in conjunction with VisionWare, the system will enable the council to provide a more personalised service for citizens and move more towards self-sufficiency. The system will help departments by ensuring a complete view of all citizen information including disability, language ability or previous orders and requests.

In the future, Hull aims to extend use of the software to support mobile and more flexible ways of working across all council departments.

This partnership is a great example of various teams working together on a project to create a solution that addresses modern digital transformation challenges. It will allow Hull City Council to maximise its use of data assets to become more agile and totally transform its delivery of services for the benefit of its citizens.
Gordon Cooper, VisionWare Chief Executive

The Civica Group already enjoys a successful partnership with Hull City Council, delivering both outsourced contact centre services and outsourced revenues and benefits services.