6th March 2018

Civica to provide shared self-service platform for North Warwickshire and Nuneaton & Bedworth Councils

New five-year, £700K contract for OPENRevenues will see the two councils work together to deliver efficiency savings, enhance customer satisfaction and drive digital transformation

Civica, a market leader in public sector software applications, digital solutions and managed services, has won a new five-year, £700K contract to provide its OPENRevenues software across North Warwickshire Borough Council and Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council as part of a new shared services agreement.

The decision to consolidate both councils’ back office systems will allow the local authorities to work together more closely, to make better use of council resources and increase customer satisfaction by helping more citizens to self-serve online.

As public-sector organisations are increasingly exploring the move to practical, shared service arrangements for both cost saving and resource reasons, use of common systems is a growing factor in their ability to move quickly to a shared model and extract greater operational benefits. The two councils merged their management teams in 2015 despite using different software providers, with Civica’s OPENRevenues systems implemented throughout Nuneaton & Bedworth BC to administer council tax, non-domestic rates and housing and council tax benefits.

In making a decision to move onto a single ICT platform, Civica won the new contract to deliver the system as part of the shared service agreement, which will drive operational efficiencies and digital transformation with full implementation planned by December 2018.

Civica OPENRevenues is a software solution used by 80 local authority customers, now including all five district councils across Warwickshire, primarily to bill and collect council tax and business rates and administer applications for housing benefit and council tax reduction. Through automation and digital transformation, OPENRevenues delivers demonstrable cost savings for local authorities while improving the service delivered to the public.

The shared software will reduce administration time, increase efficiency, provide cost savings and offer an improved self-service platform, empowering nearly 200,000 citizens across both boroughs to self-serve for their council tax, business rates accounts and benefit claims. This will cut down the time citizens take to receive information and lessen administration pressures for the councils.

Simone Hines, Director of Finance & Procurement at Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council said: “We wanted to extend the shared service between the boroughs, increase resilience across our teams and ultimately provide a better service to our customers. One of our key objectives was to empower citizens to communicate with us at the most convenient time to suit their lifestyles.”

Bob Trahern, Assistant Chief Executive at North Warwickshire Borough Council added: “Both local authorities have shared ambitions around channel shift, reducing costs and transforming the user experience. The integrated OPENRevenues products will enhance our services and build on these ambitions to ensure we deliver these objectives for the citizens we serve.”

Rachel Brier, Managing Director, Revenues & Benefits at Civica commented: “It’s clear that both councils are forward-thinking and intent on providing citizens with the best customer experience. This shared service will allow better use of resources for the councils and flexibility for both local businesses and residents. We look forward to working together on their combined channel shift plans and achieving their digital ambitions for the future.”

Civica has a very successful track record in enabling local shared services through technology right across the UK’s local government sector. The company’s OPENRevenues system collects £12bn in council tax and £4.5bn in business rates every year and Civica’s digital service transformation software is estimated to reduce manual council tax administration by more than 60%.