20th March 2017

Civica says #beboldforchange on International Women’s Day

The Civica Group, a market leader in critical software applications, digital solutions and outsourcing, is playing an active role in supporting International Women’s Day (IWD) in 2017.

Adopting the IWD hashtag #beboldforchange, the company is celebrating its female employees along with holding charitable events for everyone in the business to support. With the World Economic Forum still predicting that the gender gap won't close entirely until 2186, IWD can be an important catalyst and vehicle for driving greater change for women and moving closer to gender parity.

This year, along with encouraging employees to wear purple to show solidarity, Civica is running a company-wide appeal to make donations including toys and games to local women’s shelters across the country. Employees are encouraged to provide items and make a difference to vulnerable children in the community.

With a focus on diversity and equality in the workplace, Civica now has 223 female managers – 38% of managers – and a growing number (27%) of its senior manager roles are filled by women. The business prides itself on supporting all its employees throughout their careers, from apprentices and graduates through to women in senior management positions and technology roles, a growth sector for the UK workplace.

Gillian Macpherson has worked for Civica for over two years and is now Integration Director for the newly launched Civica Digital. She said: “There’s an excellent culture of recognising achievement at Civica, irrespective of gender. There’s a huge amount of support throughout the organisation for women and encouraging us to be the best we can be across all roles, including as managers and leaders in the business.”

Andrea Rowe is a Principle HR Consultant at Civica. She commented: “As soon as I joined the team, I knew this was the company for me! The teamwork, support, flexibility and opportunities the company provides have allowed me to really stretch myself and try new things. I'm in the Leadership programme which is great for enhancing my skills and preparing me to take on more responsibility. I already sit on the Digital Board, along with other women in the business, and am an integral part of the team.”

Laura Soutar is a Support Engineer who joined Civica in Belfast two years ago via an ICT Apprenticeship. She added: “I’ve never found my gender to be a factor in my day-to-day role and career development at Civica – the environment has always been incredibly supportive. It’s vital to have good career development paths, training and support when needed, regardless of gender. It’s always been about giving anyone the confidence to follow their interests, explore different aspects of working and change things up if they feel the need to.”

Sarah Turton is Head of Group Communications, and has worked for Civica for more than 12 years. She added: “Civica has given me the opportunity and confidence to try new ideas and establish internal communications and now lead on developing our global brand. I believe women need to be courageous in the workplace; my journey here is proof that if you're brave enough to take a leap of faith and accept new challenges, you have the passion and energy to see it through and the support of a great leadership team, you really can achieve anything.”

Lorraine Smith is Divisional Managing Director for Financial Services at Civica. She commented: “The combination of my desire to improve and learn with Civica’s willingness to invest, support and encourage me, has helped fulfil my aspirations and, very importantly, enjoy the experience. I firmly believe that Civica recognise and value people’s potential, regardless of background or gender. Everyone can go really far if they are positive, motivated and believe in their own potential.”

Jackie Walley joined Civica as a director in January 2016. She commented: “As a Partnership Director with responsibility for 130 employees, I believe employees, regardless of gender, are the lifeblood of our organisation and their wellbeing, development and motivation is critical to our success. I have been impressed with the time and effort spent in developing all our potential and current leaders, both men and women, to meet the challenges of the future whilst maintaining a supportive culture.”

Pam Kendrick-Astle is Operations Director for Civica Payments. She commented: “We must all strive for equal opportunity in the workplace, regardless of gender, disability etc. It’s characteristic of Civica’s culture to see so many women in senior management positions here, and we’re able to act as excellent role models and mentors for ambitious young people in our business.”

We are delighted to support IWD in 2017, celebrating the vital role women play in every sphere of life – as professionals, friends, volunteers, mothers, sisters and daughters. We do need to be #boldforchange and here at Civica, we pride ourselves on championing all our employees, both male and female, to encourage a healthy, happy workforce with excellent progression opportunities regardless of gender.” People and Organisation Development Director Wendy Merry