13th March 2018

Time and attendance systems - why demand is growing

Demand is rising for time and attendance systems as organisations and staff alike see the benefits.

Clocking in and out used to be viewed with suspicion by staff who thought of it as ‘big brother’, typically associated with manufacturing and shop floor environments. However, with the trend towards more flexible working that is now all changing.

Since the recession there has been an increased focus on efficiency, achieving more with less, and boosting productivity. As a result, there has been a huge increase in the interest in time and attendance systems. But this isn't the whole story. Here are some more great reasons businesses in every sector are implementing these solutions.

New technologies are delivering flexibility for mobile workforces

State of the art solutions now mean that staff can clock in from their computers, or from their smartphones, as well as the traditional clocking in method where they use a card or fob to login as they enter their place of work. This more modern approach that harnesses the latest mobile technology doesn’t necessarily mean a free-for-all as staff clock in from any location (although it can mean that), using location-based services, employers can set limits on where staff can clock in from (say, from home, or a client/partner office, as well as their desk at work).

Solutions are available for every sector

These days, time and attendance software (T&A) isn’t just for those on the production line, in retail, in health, public services and in other customer facing sectors, all staff can benefit. Managers can see where their staff are at all times, and staff know that their managers know they are working. A good T&A system supports flexible working, which many more organisations and their staff are now embracing.  On top of this T&A provides a wealth of health and safety, and lone worker safeguards.

The benefits to both the business and staff are measurable

The benefits to the organisation of introducing a T&A system are well documented:

  • Increases productivity and punctuality
  • Staff paid for work completed in a timely manner
  • Ensures hours contracted are worked
  • Managers know which staff are working where and when, field-based and home-based staff can be managed the same as office-based staff
  • Transparency means staff know that everyone is being treated fairly
  • Enables flexible work patterns to be correctly monitored
  • When integrated with payroll/HR – streamlined back office processes and less chance of fraud
  • When large numbers of agency staff are used, invoices can be more easily checked

While the initial impetus to look at time and attendance may have been to boost productivity, there are equally as many benefits to staff. It is often the transparency and a more flexible approach to work that generates the real benefits, namely, a more engaged and motivated workforce.