1st May 2018

Digital workforce management drives retail business transformation


Workforce Management is the process of balancing work needs with available resources and Carval has been developing innovative HR software solutions for nearly 30 years to help businesses do just this.


Therefore we were delighted to spot an article in RetailTechnology (www.retailtechnology.co.uk) not only eschewing the benefits of workforce management (WFM) technology in general, but highlighting one of Civica HR & Payroll’s customers, Thomas Sabo, as a particular success story in this arena!

We couldn't resist sharing a snippet with you...

"Operating in today’s fast-paced retail environment often requires just as sophisticated a set of workforce management (WFM) practices, as they do new customer-facing advances.

But the growth in retail businesses today is largely derived from emerging digital channels that can skew spending priorities, even though retail stores still make up the majority of aggregate revenues and often claim the largest proportion of labour costs.

A recent report into store WFM practices by analyst house RSR Research found those retailers that had already prioritised their employee work schedules saw store staff were able to spend more time with customers than on administrative tasks. Laggards were much more likely to report that employees spend too much time on corporate management tasks and operational processes than their leading counterparts (50% to 36%, respectively).

So retailers looking to boost success and manage growth now and into the future are deploying integrated staff management systems to increase process automation, improve forecasting and ultimately enhance levels of customer service. "

The article then provides a highly informative case study on jewellery designer and retailer Thomas Sabo, which late last year selected integrated human resources (HR), payroll and time and attendance (T&A) software from specialist HR software supplier Civica HR & Payroll (previously called Carval Computing). You can download the full article here.