Civica set to drive savings and improve accuracy with on-screen exam marking system from BOSTES

17th June 2016, London: Civica has signed an exclusive deal with Sydney-based BOSTES (Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards) to supply and support MarkManager, its highly effective on-screen marking system, to organisations in the UK, Europe and Canada.

MarkManager automates the workflow of on-screen marking to provide an end-to-end assessment solution for certifying authorities, awarding bodies and other educational and testing institutions. It is highly scalable and available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering.

Civica currently supplies MarkManager to the British Council for its International English Language Test System (IELTS) exam, requiring around two million exam papers to be scanned into the BOSTES MarkManager system each year. Civica also provides a scan verification service to ensure that all exam papers are captured by the system without error. Assessors around the world mark the exam papers online and then submit them to the examination board, which issues a result within 14 days of the student sitting the exam.

The advantages over manual marking are not limited to cost reduction and time saving but also include increased fairness, reliability and accuracy of marking. On-screen marking can also assist with professional development, for example by encouraging the participation of teachers from remote areas.

As a specialist in delivering innovative solutions to over 6,000 schools, colleges and libraries, Civica is delighted to partner with BOSTES to provide an on-screen solution to exam marking, which will streamline the process to drive efficiencies and improved accuracy.” 
Lee Burley, Executive Director for Education at Civica


Tom Alegounarias, President of BOSTES, said, “MarkManager was developed for our internationally regarded Higher School Certificate - over 100 courses studied by over 70,000 students sitting around 350,000 exams marked by over 5,500 markers. The on-screen MarkManager technology brings best practice marking together with a number of sophisticated quality assurance tools not available in pen-and-paper marking. “We are pleased to partner with Civica as our exclusive supplier of MarkManager to the UK, Europe and Canada.”