Maximising Council Tax income for East Kent Services

8th March 2024

Civica Income Maximisation achieves £3.6m in additional Council Tax income

Canterbury City Council, Dover District Council and Thanet District Council came together as East Kent shared services with an aim to generate improved operational efficiency savings and increase service resilience.

With limited resources available to manage arrears debt, the team focused on maintaining Council Tax in-year collection. As a result, over £10m of aged debt had built up.

East Kent Services decided to partner with Civica to manage collection and debt resolution. Due to the implementation of Civica’s Income Maximisation service, the ring-fenced aged debt was managed back into an active recovery and payment position. This resulted in £3.6m of additional Council Tax collections compared to the initial goal to collect £1.4m.

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Key outcomes:

£3.6m in additional Council Tax income collected

Initial goal of collecting £1.4m exceeded by 157%

Redundant aged debt reclaimed through active managed recovery

Chris Blundell,

Head of Shared Services,

East Kent Services

Civica collecting over £3.5m in additional Council Tax from previously inactive aged debt has been a fantastic achievement. This has contributed towards an increased surplus in the collection fund that has helped us maintain vital services at a time of extreme financial pressure.