Income Maximisation Solution

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Generate additional income and transform your revenue collection with our self-funding solution.

At Civica, we understand the challenges local authorities are facing due to budget pressures. Maximising income and improving cash flow is vital in supporting the delivery of councils’ key services and ensuring citizens have access to the vital support they need.

We are uniquely positioned to support you to improve collection rates by implementing our market-leading collections software, CivicaCollect, together with our collections resource service, ProCollect.

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Why choose Civica Income Maximisation?

Our experienced team can deliver your collections service and respond to all customer enquiries. Our sector knowledge means we deliver the best outcome.

We work with your welfare teams and other national dept advisory organisations to support vulnerable citizens and ensure manageable repayments

Information is unified to provide a single view of dept, helping improve decision making and bettering the management of customers’ payment plans

Our self-funding solution means you can get started quickly. We only receive software and services payment once debt recovery income is generated

We work with you to focus on using ethical and sustainable methods to ensure citizens can pay their debts realistically and affordably

Through our Single View of Debt functionality, you can realise operational efficiencies by consolidating debts in to one corporate revenue function

Charlotte Acutt,

Operations Manager,

Southwark Council

Having a clear picture of each person’s overall circumstances lets us take a more customer-centric approach to collections. CivicaCollect is instrumental in helping us do that.

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