Education management for colleges and sixth forms

Improving planning and management and driving learner success at sixth forms and colleges

Solutions for further education

We offer a range of solutions for FE establishments, including management information systems (MIS), cloud optimised finance software, HR, payroll, learner portals, estate management, payments, and recruitment tools.

Civica College Management (formerly REMS) will help you streamline education management in a single cloud optimised system, including keeping track of every student and course. You'll be able to improve financial planning and management with our cloud optimised FMS Civica Financials; and simplify management of all your premises with our premise management solution.


Why choose Civica?

Manage student information effortlessly, helping you maximise efficiencies and drive down costs

Make financial planning and management slicker and more effective.

Our estate management solution helps you manage your premises more effectively and minimise risk

Civica College Management: streamline student management in one powerful, integrated system

Civica College Management is designed to help you meet the ever-changing landscape of your sixth form, college, further education or adult education establishment. Key student and course data is centralised and accessible online in real time, helping you keep track of every student and every course. You'll be able to:

  • Manage the learner journey from enquiry and enrolment through to leaving
  • Access course/programme planning and examination management tools
  • Manage submission of the individualised learner record (ILR)
  • Manage timetabling and registers
  • Use sophisticated exam submission and results processing tools

In addition, Civica College Management will help you monitor students' individual progress, identify those who need extra support, and measure improvement across your establishment. As well as having access to at-a-glance reporting and analysis, you'll be able to generate all the reports needed for statutory bodies.

Civica Financials for financial planning and management

Civica Financials is cloud optimised software which supports the financial planning and management requirements of the FE sector. Features include:

  • Powerful reporting 
    Use or customise any of the 50+ report templates included, or build your own. You can schedule reports to run and be shared with key team members automatically, saving time and effort.
  • Simplified document management
    Manage multiple documents online and swiftly upload scanned documents via one-click functionality.
  • Cloud accessibility and security
    Mobile accessible with real-time access to your data, securely available from the cloud.
  • Enhanced search options
    Global search and enhanced look-up options put all the information you need at your fingertips.
  • Intuitive user interface
    Civica Financials not only looks good, it’s simple to use — with easy navigation that drives swift user adoption.
Civica Education Operations digitises and streamlines estates compliance and day-to-day operations

As the landscape for education changes so too does the depth of responsibility. Civica Education Operations software enables educational establishments to manage all of their premises simply and effectively.

The system meets the most demanding requirements , is fully integrated, and includes compliance tools covering asbestos, servicing and risk assessment.



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