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The GDPR will apply in all EU member states from 25th May 2018. Civica Legal can provide you with the tools to help you on your way to compliance

On 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect in the UK. GDPR introduces a variety of new rules with substantial fines for non compliance. To help your organisation's journey towards GDPR compliance, we have developed an integrated module for Civica Legal which provides you with the tools to help you on your journey to compliance. 

Civica Legal offers:

  • a comprehensive package to aid your journey to GDPR compliance 

  • optional components to address your specific requirements.

Data anonymisation tool

When utilising your ‘test’ environment for testing new software development or training, a copy of the ‘live’ database is transferred to the ‘test’ database so that the test data is sufficient in size, integrity and is meaningful to the user. However, the new GDPR legislation prohibits ‘live’ data being held in your ‘test’ environment. Therefore our data anonymisation solution ensures that any personal data is randomised when making the transfer from 'live' to 'test' ensuring data is protected.

Orphaned contact reports

Assists with data cleansing - identifies any individual contacts on your system that are not attached to a matter, thereby allowing to assess their validity and justification for retention. Helps you decide whether to keep the record or delete the record to remain GDPR compliant.


One day of on-site consultancy to assist with best practice and utilisation of the Civica Legal functionality to aid GDPR compliance, e.g. archiving functionality and more.

Correspondence search

Enables the indexing of documents and e-mails upon entry to the Civica Legal Document Register. It means it can be searched in full text by keyword, allowing the full text searching of all correspondence held against matters.
Serves to enable faster searching and retrieval of correspondence - it allows the searching of individual contact names which may be present in your correspondence, specifically to assist with incoming citizen enquiries about the data that you hold on them individually. For example, an individual may not be set up on your system as a client or a contact but may appear in correspondence.

The Correspondence Search allows you to quickly deal with enquiries of this nature and then allows you take a decision as to whether you have just cause to retain the document or delete it.

Optional components

You can choose one or all of the components to help you on your journey to GDPR compliance:

  • Data anonymisation tool
  • Correspondence search
  • Consultancy

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