Aniket Sukale

Aniket Sukale, Team Lead

Aniket works in Civica’s Marketing team and is facing the lockdown on his own 450km away from his family. He’s finding the solitude to force him to learn new skills and recipes.

How has your working life changed since the pandemic began?

Everything’s changed. I was previously sharing my flat with my colleague but I’m now living there alone. I didn’t make it back to my family in Mumbai, 450km away from Vadodara, in time either. We’re quite a few weeks into the lockdown but there are many more to go. The initial week was extraordinary and it’s been difficult to adjust to new working conditions, including setting up a new office in the kitchen. It’s also been a challenge to make my food for the entire day, do household chores and manage my work. I’m just a newbie in the kitchen but I feel that I’m progressing in my cooking. More than anyone, my parents and future wife will be happy!

How are you striking a good work-life balance?

I’ve now made a schedule to help me manage my job and my wellbeing. For example, at lunchtime I’ve put 20 minutes aside to wash my dishes and keep the kitchen clean to prepare dinner in the evening. 

What is the biggest challenge for you right now?

The biggest challenge for me is that I’ve never worked from home for such a long period. It's different when you’re used to the office environment then suddenly you’re at home. The first week was challenging for me to focus, but I’ve now learned some new tricks from my manager and from one of my friends who’s been working from home for the last five years. As mentioned, the schedule helps and I now block time in my diary to prepare for the week ahead and keep a checklist.

How is Civica supporting you?

Civica is not just a company; it's like family to me. I’ve found Civica to be a people-centric company where employees and their families come first. It’s great to be a part of the Marketing team too; everyone is taking care of each other. My manager is supporting me and keeping in touch on the weekends too. The exchanges over group chats, sharing pictures of our food and a virtual video pub every Friday are helping me to get to know my colleagues better as well.

What are the upsides to your new working life?

The pandemic is forcing me to learn new skills! From making my own food and learning new recipes, I’m learning to live a more independent and healthy life.

What advice do you have for others who may be in the same or similar situation to you?

I would say, try to see things in a positive light. We don’t know when this will end, but it's an excellent opportunity for us to learn new things. I’m getting to know myself better and it’s boosting my confidence.

What are your top tips for socialising and relaxing outside of work right now?

Spend more time with family, friends and partners, and make the most of regular calls. If you enjoy online games, then invite your loved ones to join you. Please take care of yourself and stay safe.