Coronavirus (COVID–19)

Coronavirus (COVID–19) – A challenge for everyone

Today we’re seeing public services at their best, doing an amazing job in the most difficult of circumstances. Everyone at Civica is committed to doing all we can to assist this national effort, now more than ever focusing on our purpose - sustaining and enhancing public services through our software. So without hesitation, we’ve signed up to the C-19 Business Pledge

Supporting our Employees

Our people, their dedication and values, have always made a real difference. From initiatives to keep remote workers connected, to our mental health champions and free-to-access Employee Assistance programme, we’re proactively supporting our colleagues around the world. We’ve enhanced the way we communicate, created new groups to share ideas and inspiration - working parents and guardians is one example, and are carrying out regular Pulse feedback surveys. 

Our priority is of course to safeguard our people around the globe and we continue to follow the advice issued by the relevant Governments. Our teams are doing an amazing job in responding to unprecedented change and are of course at the heart of our approach to business continuity.

We took early steps to adopt home working, including an amazing effort in Vadodara, India, which saw our team set up the remote access and equipment for 500 colleagues over a single weekend. With our established working practices and strong infrastructure, we continue to work from home supported by additional self-learning and leadership resources through the Civica Academy and guided by our Civica Way framework.

Providing tools and resources for our customers

We’re taking all necessary steps to maintain business continuity for our customers. At the same time, we’re working hard and have diverted resources to support the UK national and local level response through practical innovative and updated software capability. In addition to delivering a range of new capabilities very quickly, such as those listed below, we’ve provided detailed system advice, configuration and reports to support effective action. We continue to review how our technology and infrastructure can best assist through the pandemic.

Helping beat the virus

Department of Health, Northern Ireland

In March the Department of Health launched a COVID-19 app commissioned and delivered in just two weeks by Civica with partner Big Motive. The first app of its kind in the UK and Ireland, it provides a single trusted source of immediate information and advice for NI citizens. Functions include an interactive symptom checker leading to guidance on what action to take, a chatbot to answer questions and a notification service to alert people to official updates or advice. With more than 44,000 initial downloads it is helping to ease pressure on GP surgeries, pharmacies and community services.

Staffing our NHS

NHS recruitment

We are supporting NHS Trusts in recruiting staff including volunteers and reducing turnaround times. Our cloud-based Trac recruitment platform supports the complete recruitment process for 180 Trusts. We responded rapidly to COVID-19 legislation to streamline recruitment processes to get the right candidates into posts quickly while supporting compliance. This includes fast-tracking DBS checks and professional registration to support specific temporary recruitment. Our support team continues to provide essential additional capacity for NHS Trusts, processing record numbers of DBS checks.

Supporting vulnerable citizens

Community Helper

Building on our iCasework digital platform we have made available Community Helper software free of charge for 6 months to help local authorities support their communities. Developed in partnership with Liverpool City Council, the digital platform is easy to use, quick to implement and highly secure. It enables councils to securely manage incoming requests for support with smart routing to match and direct these to service, volunteer or third sector teams based on criteria such as location, type of help needed and level of vulnerability. Authorities are then able to co-ordinate support to their most vulnerable residents, minimising data and safeguarding risks and delivering support as quickly as possible.

Funding for those who need it

Local Government Revenues & Benefits

We’ve diverted resources to rapidly update local government software to ensure authorities are able to provide critical assistance for local citizens and businesses and to reduce the amount of manual work required. These measures include support for councils in delivering vital business rates grant funds – with over £500 million paid by customer councils to date – and for the new Council Tax Hardship Fund. We’re working closely and swiftly with all local authority customers, including supporting the delivery of services with remote processing resource via our OnDemand capability and advising on options available to support households most in need.

Supporting employee processes

We have augmented our HR software in response to the significant issues faced by all organisations to implement and administer new schemes quickly in line with legislation, providing new functionality and reports with quick access to management information. In addition we have made available emergency payroll and BACS services with rapid set-up to ensure critical payroll processes are maintained and employees paid on time.

Health & Care Northern Ireland
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  • HR and Payroll

COVID-19 App

First app of its kind in UK & Ireland, developed and launched with the Northern Ireland Department of Health in less than 10 days. We can also point to helping reduce the pressure on the 111 helpline which has seen daily call centres volumes reduced from 6,000 to less than 1,000


Community Helper software

Built on the iCasework platform to help local authorities co-ordinate rapid support for vulnerable people while minimising safeguarding risks. Securely manages requests with smart routing to rapidly match and direct these to agencies and volunteers. Free to councils for 6 months. Initial partnership with Liverpool City Council, the digital platform is easy to use, quick to implement and highly secure.


Supporting Revenues and Benefits teams

When the Government announced a series of six measures to support businesses and Council Tax payers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, local authorities needed to respond rapidly to ensure businesses and vulnerable citizens were protected.

For the two largest measures, Business Rates Grant fund and Council Tax Hardship fund, we quickly created software solutions. To date, our software has supported 43 OPENRevenues customers to provide over £1.6bn in critical Business Rates Grants. Our Council Tax Hardship Fund module enables the reduction of bills by up to a further £150 for working age Council Tax support recipients. Processing the entire caseload in minutes means local authorities are helping those vulnerable people who need it fast.


Trac e-recruitment software

Rapid response to COVID-19 legislation to streamline recruitment and get right candidates into posts quickly, including assistance to NHS recruiters and fast-tracking DBS checks. Record number of DBS checks processed in a single day by the team (over 1,600). Investigation into potential deployment of Microsoft Teams alongside Trac software to aid video recruitment ahead of face-to-face interviews, enabling NHS Trust teams to accelerate recruitment activity securely and at an affordable cost.


Civica Experience

We are working with hospitals in the UK and Australia to support patient feedback and surveys in a virtual environment using the Civica Experience platform. This is enabling feedback to be obtained in real time, ensuring that patient concerns are not being missed and helping identify priority patients or those that need additional support.

Occupational Health

OPAS cloud software is used to manage both administrative and clinical activities associated with screening staff during their current deployment or any on-boarding process. Enabling frontline staff to complete placement assessments remotely it is supporting the re-deployment of existing or returning staff to frontline roles, as well as the management of clinical testing.

TranSend electronic Proof-of-Delivery mobile app

TranSend delivery app adapted with simple-to-use workflow and key features to enable critical supplies to be delivered to those in need with clear instructions for drivers and proof of delivery obtained. Offered free of charge for essential services, e.g. delivery to vulnerable citizens, school meals, fire services.


HR & Payroll

Extended Payroll software in response to the significant issues faced by all organisations to implement and administer new schemes quickly in line with legislation – such as furlough – and provide management information. Provision of emergency payroll and BACS services with rapid set-up to ensure critical payroll processes are maintained and employees paid on time.



Helping our Communities

In challenging times, people take great comfort from supporting and helping their colleagues and their wider community. We actively encourage our colleagues to support their local communities including through our Donate-a-Day scheme. Our people continue to help with causes close to their hearts including providing food parcels to those self-isolating and elderly.