GDPR - A LIVE debate

Join us on the 30th June as we debate the impact and way forward for GDPR with the ICO and other public sector leaders.

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GDPR - A LIVE debate

Are you ready for new EU data protection legislation?

Join us and the UKAuthority Publisher, Helen Olsen Bedford, as we debate the key issues facing public sector organisations around impending implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with an expert panel on 30th June.

What does GDPR mean for your organisation? How does it work alongside the new Digital Economy Act (DEA)? And what impact will both pieces of legislation have on public service delivery and our handling of citizen data?

The GDPR, due to come into force next year, places an emphasis on giving people control over their personal data; while the DEA, having received royal assent in April 2017, has attracted complaints that it is too relaxed around data sharing, particularly with its presumption of sharing in order to improve public services and combat fraud against the public purse. Wherever you stand on the issue of data sharing, you may well feel unsure about what exactly the law requires.

Join this live debate to explore these issues, hear from legislation experts, pose questions throughout and vote in interactive polls.

We look forward to you joining us Live at 11:00 on 30th June

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GDPR: Ready or not

With just a year to go until GDPR, how ready is your organisation? Our expert team can help you identify gaps and formulate your roadmap for compliance - not just to remove the uncertainty around GDPR, but to also enable you to deliver better outcomes and continue to build trust with your customers.

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