Reduce Council Tax fraud

With regular reviews of SPD

Single Person Discount monitoring service

A traditional bulk review approach works well, but wouldn’t it be better if your SPD claims were checked on a monthly basis to verify entitlement?

Regularly monitoring your caseload ensures:

  • No loss of Council Tax income as errors are identified earlier    
  • Fluctuations in Council Tax income and workload are eliminated   
  • Reduced cost of SPD reviews    
  • Improved customer service as new claims are verified before the overpayment gets too large    
  • Citizens aren't required to regularly submit the same information that is needed for bulk reviews

We can carry out the full end-to-end service or you can select the elements you need. Our process is managed and delivered by our specialist team and places the absolute minimal burden on existing council resources, whilst generating revenue.

Alternatively we can help you migrate your SPD review process online. Our automated self- and assisted-service uses eForms and real-time back-office updates in Civica OPENRevenues to:

  • Substantially reduce back-office resource    
  • Deliver speedier review responses    
  • Significantly reduce postal costs    
  • Increase take up with automated ebilling sign up

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