Additional System Administration

2nd January 2017

Additional System Administration

Service Area: Anti-Social Behaviour, Building Control, Environmental Health, Housing, Land Charges, Licensing, Planning, Trading Standards, Waste Management, Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Course Type: Administration training

Duration: 2 Days

Course Contents:

How to Configure the top level technical and user aspects of the system

  • How to configure and use assessments
  • How to configure schedules
  • How to export data in XML format and other formats eg CSV, pipe
  • How to export and import of code
  • How to configure action diary modes
  • How to batch create and batch close activities
  • How to batch update action diaries
  • How to batch delete activities
  • How to use the batch report and batch export programs ULB and ULX
  • How to use program ULD “Document Index Maintenance”
  • How to configure the “Fee Configurator” program CFF
  • How to configure program MAF “Miscellaneous Activities User Defined Field Configuration