Cartology DSI User

2nd January 2017

Cartology DSI User

Service Area: Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Course Type: End User Training

Duration: 1 day

Course Content

During this course you will be shown:

  • An overview of Generic Overlays and file formats.
  • Themes within the generic overlays.
  • How to use the Legend, and applying an automatic or static image for use in Cnet 4.9.
  • Various querying methods within Cartology DSI
  • How to Use the Spatial Query menu, to refine data by a geometry.
  • An introduction to the different functions of data capture, manual and automated methods.
  • How to use and configure Layouts.
  • An introduction to the interface of Cartology DSI.
  • An introduction to the basic tools of Cartology DSI.