System Refresher

2nd January 2017

System Refresher

Service Area: Anti-Social Behaviour, Building Control, Environmental Health, Housing, Land Charges, Licensing, Planning, Trading Standards, Waste Management

Course Type: End User Training, Administration training

Duration: 1 day

The training will cover:

Names and Address records

  • How the system deals with names
  • Looking at and editing search strings for names so that they are easy to find
  • Entering additional Names and Addresses on activity records.
  • Using the names and addresses database


  • Entering addresses in all activities
  • How addresses verify
  • The details from the LLPG
  • The different parts of the address – house name, county

Finding records

  • Finding by name
  • Finding by address - Searching for addresses in general
  • Creating personal database formats for lists of searches


  • Generating premise references
  • Linking premises to activities