System Administration

2nd January 2017

System Administration

Service Area: Anti-Social Behaviour, Building Control, Environmental Health, Housing, Land Charges, Licensing, Planning, Trading Standards, Waste Management

Course Type: Administration training

Duration: 3 day

Course Contents

This course is suitable for people who will be administering the Civica APP.

On Completion of the course you should understand the standard configuration of APP and how to maintain APP.

  • How to Configure the top level technical and user aspects of the system
  • How to configure the user’s accounts
  • Integrating Security
  • How to lock and unlock Civica APP
  • How to reset (log off) a user
  • How to check the data integrity of APP
  • How to store the error log
  • How to clear temporary files
  • How to unlock an action diary
  • How to unlock program NAA (Names & Addresses amalgamation)
  • Premises and activity records, data correction maintenance
  • How to find user logged on
  • How to close their user’s open programs
  • How to count the number of premises, activities, actions and names & address records
  • How to close your own processing tasks when there is no stop option
  • How you can submit an error or enhancement report to Civica APP
  • How to review the audit log
  • How to review and change a program’s security level
  • How to configure the calendar
  • How to configure and maintain the codes dictionary.
  • How to configure code groups.
  • How to configure the personal database display formats.
  • How to view configure (print) in the premises and activities
  • How to configure the signature blocks that could be exported 
  • Configuring action templates
  • Configuring your own database copy
  • Configuring user defined tabs and window.
  • Transferring codes between systems.
  • How to export codes from DCC as a CSV file.
  • Transferring configuration between APP systems with program ULU.
  • Configuration to retrieve external help files.