New Administrators - Existing System

2nd January 2017

New Administrators - Existing System

Service Area: Anti-Social Behaviour, Building Control, Environmental Health, Housing, Land Charges, Licensing, Planning, Trading Standards, Waste Management

Course Type: Administration training

Duration: 3 Days

Course Contents:

  • How to Configure the top level technical and user aspects of the system
  • How to configure the user’s accounts
  • Integrating Security
  • How to lock and unlock Civica APP
  • How to reset (log off) a user
  • How to check the data integrity of APP
  • How to store the error log
  • How to clear temporary files
  • How to unlock an action diary
  • How to unlock program NAA (Names & Addresses amalgamation)
  • Premises and activity records, data correction maintenance
  • How to find user logged on
  • How to close their user’s open programs
  • How to count the number of premises, activities, actions and names & address records
  • How to close your own processing tasks when there is no stop option
  • How you can submit an error or enhancement report to Civica APP
  • How to review the audit log
  • How to review and change a program’s security level
  • How to configure the calendar
  • How to configure and maintain the codes dictionary.
  • How to configure code groups.
  • How to configure the personal database display formats.
  • How to view configure (prinT0 in the premises and activities
  • How to configure the signature blocks that could be exported
  • Configuring action templates
  • Configuring your own database copy
  • Configuring user defined tabs and window.
  • Transferring codes between systems
  • How to export codes from DCC as a CSV file.
  • Transferring configuration between AAP systems with program ULU.
  • Configuration to retrieve external help files.
  • How to configure a simple export to word from the action dairy.
  • How to configure a simple export to word from the report generators.
  • How to configure a simple export to word – working documents