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Professional training at its best...

Professional training at its best...

We are proud to offer you a wide range of courses to help you and your staff understand and use the Authority Public Protection (APP) system and our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) effectively.

Our courses

  • Are constantly reviewed and updated so that we can offer training that meets the day to day requirements of you and your staff.
  • All user training is workflow based and designed to capture the correct data for your returns.
  • Cover all aspects of work including Best Practice recording and maintaining records through to reporting and exporting data.
  • Can be tailored to suit your training needs, you can pick ‘n’ mix from our contents to make your own training courses.

Speciality courses designed to meet the latest “Hot Topics” i.e. changes to legislation, best practices, advanced Word configuration, software releases etc., are offered on a regular basis.

Your choices

In most circumstances we are able to offer a training environment to suit your requirements:

  • Standard training environment - our training data and configuration.
  • Training/customer hybrid - our training data but the customer’s configuration.
  • Copy of live - a complete copy of the customer’s live system.
  • Live - available where no training system exists and for specific training eg. GIS.

It is essential in the use of any database system that meaningful and accurate data is entered - ‘you can only get out of the system what you enter’. It is therefore extremely important that you and your staff receive specialist training for the roles they undertake.

Use the search tools below to find availability and dates for all our courses.