25th April 2018

Workflow course

Service Area: All Modules

Course Type: System Setup and Administration

Duration: 1 Day

Course Content

The workflow module is a software application which automates, a process or processes. The processes are usually business-related but can be any process that requires a series of steps to be automated via software.

A perfect example of this is the Leaver process, where as a result of an employee leaving a series of tasks are required to be completed, for example Exit Interview, Leaving Pay or Returning Company Property.

This course will meet the following objectives:

  • Create new user workflows.
  • How workflow links with the core and Self Service applications?
  • Using database triggers to automate workflows.
  • How to assign tasks and alerts?
  • Using employee groups in HR administration.
  • Using Connectors, Tasks and Authorizing functions.
  • How to configure variables?


The course is broken down into the following areas:

  • Definition – How to specify simple tasks, connectors and how to determine whether tasks are authorised?  Definition of system variables. How to import, save and export workflows?
  • Initiation – Option for starting a new workflow instance from the System Administration program, the HR & Payroll modules or Self Service application.
  • Flow – How to specify results to determine the flow from task to task?
  • Actioning and Completion – A working demonstration of the actions required to action a task, how these are marked to complete and then transfer control to the next task.
  • Monitoring – A graphical demonstration of how to check the progress of your workflows.
  • Automation Using Database Triggers – How to initiate a new set of tasks from a database update using triggers or via the Event Diary?

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